Maison Goubet

Our concept

Our family company (2nd generation) is pioneer of “Special Cuvées’”concept, 100% organic, alcohol-free, from single-varietal grapes and available in still or sparkling versions.

Real elegant alcohol-free alternatives to Wine and Champagne, our aim is to give back the first press juice its letters of nobility and to offer a trip to the sources of wine: the grape variety.

Our expertise

We are using grape varieties traditionally reserved for the production of great wines, to make alcohol-free cuvées with an aromatic complexity.

At Maison Goubet we pay particular attention to the careful selection of the plots, the old vines, the grapes, right up to the harvest.

The production process is absolutely sulphite-free and the pasteurisation process allows us to respect the quality of the raw materials.


Grape with golden skin which produces the most famous French sweet wines: Sauternes wines.
Aromas: apricot, peach, citrus, walnut, honey


Red grape variety originating from Bordeaux, it is the most cultivated variety.
Aromas: fruity (plum, strawberry, redcurrant), violet, truffles and velvety tannins


A renowned grape variety with dense tannins and complex aromas.
Aromas: blackcurrant, liquorice, green pepper

The production process


Pressing at the property





Harvesting the grapes at night


Cooling and short maceration, decanting


Injection of fine CO2 bubbles for sparkling wines


From organic farming

Our grapes are organically grown and pressed immediately after harvesting, without sulphites, additives or added sugars.

Low in sugar and without sulphites

Our alcohol-free vintages contain no added sugar and are certified sulphite-free, flavour-free and colour-free.

Health benefits

Grapes are rich in vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, magnesium, etc.
Our unique manufacturing process ensures that all the nutritional benefits of grapes are retained

Guaranteed alcohol-free

Unlike de-alcoholised wines and other fermented alternatives, we guarantee 0.0% alcohol.