Maison Goubet

Who are we?

Maison Goubet is above all a family story.

Everything started in 1993 when Didier Goubet decide to leave the agrochemical world where he works as an agronomist, to strive in favor of the planet.

He then embarked with his wife, Marie-Paule, from the Bordeaux region and very attached to her roots, on a culinary “tour de France”, with conviction and determination of perpetuating the artisanal production from our terroirs.

In 2005, realizing that there was no quality alcohol-free alternative to French wines and Champagne to pair with fine foods, they decided to launch the concept of “Special Cuvée”100% organic and alcohol-free. Made from noble grape varieties from the Bordeaux vineyards, the cuvées follow the same exigent requirements of Grands Crus wines.

The range grows every year, always in keeping with this DNA and with the pride of participating in the enhancement of terroirs and traditions, in the service of French gastronomy.

Since then, their daughters have joined them in the family business, sharing their passion for offering the very best of French terroir.

A great discovery!